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Work hard. Love what you do.
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Icons/Simple Desktop Backgrounds
Legend of Zelda: Desktop Background by CristalMomoStar
Iris Icon: Free to use by CristalMomoStar
Utau-Peacemaker-Club Icon by CristalMomoStar
((All examples above are free to use))

Definition of simple desktop background: One that does not require me to draw out a character. ten point desktop backgrounds do not require me to draw anything from scratch, but simply edit preexisting pictures.

If you'd like a custom drawn desktop, order it based on what you want (ex: go to chibi prices if you want a chibi) and just let me know you want your character on a desktop background.

Icon price does cover animated icons (like my example here) but they also do not have to be animated.
Chibi/Head and Shoulder
Commission: CHIBI Rozabeth + Archer by CristalMomoStar
Amon skype ID by CristalMomoStar
Commission: CHIBI Allen by CristalMomoStar
This price covers up to three characters in one chibi picture.
Head and shoulders come individually.
Colored or black and white is fine.
Majority/Full Body
Imp Midna by CristalMomoStar
Beauty by CristalMomoStar
Mink: Dragon Half by CristalMomoStar
Marx Gijinka by CristalMomoStar
CyberGoth Lexxi by CristalMomoStar
Cost covers one character
(extra characters are 10 extra points per character)
I will make a fully functional Shimeji for you to enjoy.

All you'll need to do with the file you receive is stick it along side your other shimeji characters.

My Shimeji program currently does not work on my computer (Possibly Java issues, possibly windows 10. haven't been able to fix it) so I cannot officially test the shimejis I make. However, I have made them in the past and will be using the same method that has always worked for me before.

If you would like a super special two in one character Shimeji, message me about it. The charge for that will be 800 points, as the amount of pictures required for me to draw more than doubles.

In order for me to complete either shimeji order I'll need to know not only how your character looks, but some of their personality traits. Shimeji's climb around your computer, can be picked up and thrown around, multiply, etc. You can give me particular ideas for what you want your Shimeji to do, but I also want the personality traits so that I may capture the proper attitude of the character.
Extra Characters
If you wish to add more characters not covered in the initial charge of your drawing please contact me about pricing.
This section does not apply to Shimejis

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If you really liked a commission I made for you,
or you're just feeling generous, you can donate here.

And if you do, all of my thanks!

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Mama Hawk
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Want to know more about me? Just ask. I enjoy the conversation.

The Legend of Zelda by MySkittlesTasteEpicADVENTURE PFF STAMP by madelezabethFruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirlSong of Storms by Cathines-Stamps

Angry Fat Chick:
An active blog full of my ramblings about the world and its events. Leave comments here or there about it. I'm open to topic suggestions.

Ask me Yesterday:
An inactive blog recounting some of my childhood memories. Mostly for friends and family, but others may enjoy.

By :icondarkglaicalknight:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each Person has to share 10 facts about themselves 
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people 
6. No tag backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags

10 facts about me:

1) Video games are my life blood. I'm an artist and gamer down to the core. I grew up on Spyro, Mario, Zelda, and many other great games. Zelda is my passion and addiction, and there's a very special place in my heart for series like Jak, .Hack, Fire Emblem, Persona, Kirby, and many others.

2) My favorite sense is my sense of touch (brilliant random fact, right?). I collect stuffed animals/plushies both because of all of the characters I love, and because hugging something soft is the greatest feeling. I even pick out clothes based first and foremost on their feel, rather than color or design.

3) My own old art/writing is painful for me to look at. I can easily be tortured with reminders of how bad I used to be (something that happens on occasion when friends find things like old birthday cards I made them, and things like that). I still have moments while drawing when I think back to younger days. I'll think back to, say, my middle school self, and how blown away I'd be with what I can draw now (even on a bad day).

4) I whistle by breathing inwards rather than breathing out. I also cannot blow bubbles with bubble gum. I included two facts here because they're both kind of small, and they're somewhat related.

5) Only halfway through and I'm finding it hard to think of things to say. Most things are simple, almost too obvious to put down, and then the rest are very deep and debatable topics that are far too serious for a journal like this. So here's another random one. My favorite worldly possession is my oldest Pikachu plush, which I've had for around 15 years.

6) I name important technology just so I have something to yell when it frustrates me, or something to coo if I'm trying to encourage it. My last computer was named Mayetta. This computer is Herald Peters.

7) If I were to date someone (if I were interested in dating), I have an odd but important requirement for them to meet. They must be okay with spontaneously singing, even if they aren't very good at it. In particular, they should always be willing to join in singing the original Pokemon theme- with feeling. 

8) Most people know my fear of spiders, sharp objects being pointed at me, man made heights, tight crowds, and empty fields, but a fear that doesn't come up is my fear of eels. Eels are terrifying and I want nothing to do with them. It's a weird fear of mine because I'm not afraid of snakes. In fact, I love snakes.

9) I love the supernatural. I love studying and investigating cases. I love debunking things, but am far from a skeptic. I'm rational, but am also open and aware about the many mysterious and yet unexplained things in this world. I believe in the power of the human mind, and how much pull it has in manipulating the world around it (that's a pretty deep fact).

10) I have yet to figure out the mysteries of friendship. Some people try very hard to make friends to no avail. The best piece of advice you can take really is "be yourself", because it really seems to work. I have yet to figure out why half the people I'm friends with even bother to put up with me. But the mystery is half the fun.

Ten questions from the previous journal:

1. I'll try to keep these questions as serious as possible how long do you think it's going to last?
Probably not very long, what's the fun in serious questions? Though I could go into some concept of how serious is relevant, and therefore could last forever, or never was to begin with.

2. If you HAD to choose one video game console would you want to be a gijinka?
I have an oddly complex answer for this one. In a generic sense, I think I'd want a Gamecube or N64 gijinka. But when I think about my consoles, and the personalities I've attached to each of them, a gijinka of my PS2 would be my choice. His name is Lawrence and he's going through a midlife crisis (really he's just an old grouch).

3. Not that I have low self esteem (Wow really full of myself there) But anywho: do you like me? As a friend or fan I mean owo.
I like you :) I suppose at this point I'd have to say as a fan, but I'm sure we could be friends. 

4. What's your guilty pleasure in gaming?
I have. So many. Most can be summed up as mindlessly running around for hours making up tasks for myself, rather than playing the actual game. For example, pushing random citizens in the water in Jak 2, or trying to follow the rules of the road in Test Drive 5.

5. Your given a limitless budget and your close buddies to every gaming presidents. describe your dream game
Oh god. So much power. I love puzzles, platformers, and general adventure games, so I'd combine those genres for the style. It would not be 2D (I emphasize this because 3D platformers are far too rare). It would be the type of game where choices you make impact the story, to a very detailed extent. For example, there would be potential party companions that you could completely overlook simply by never talking to them. The fighting would be open button mashing with a range of weapons to choose from. The world would be open, and you could choose which missions to complete first, that way different players would piece together the story in different ways. It would have an epic story of some sort. The character(s) you play would be twins (a boy and a girl). You can either play co-op with each person being a twin, or one person can control both twins (sort of like Brothers). I'm sure I could go on, but in a nutshell those are some ideas I'd love to see in a game, so those are probably what I'd make in a game.

6. are you surprised I've made this far with serious questions?
Not surprised, but impressed. Probably better than I'll do.

7. what's your Favorite Pokemon type
Ghost. There aren't enough of them to love and there need to be more. Of the types with large amounts of pokemon though, Grass.

8. If you could have any weapon from any kind of media (I.E. Games, Movies, Comics, Etc) what would it be?
My first thought is the Master Sword (Zelda all the way), but also something like a Harry Potter style wand would be nice... Or a peacemaker.... Urvan's nice.... This is a very hard question for me XD

9. What is love? baby don't hurt me
What is glove, baby don't shirt me, don't shirt me, clothes store. (Well that was deeply embedded…)

10. Well that chain of serious questions lasted long...Did you expect anything less from me?
Nope. Though I wouldn't have been surprised if this totally derailed intentionally. Crashing the train of thought is sometimes beneficial. Or something...

Ten questions for those after me:

1) Would you rather have the ability to fly, or breath under water?
2) How would you spend tomorrow if it was your last day alive?
3) If you could visit any fictional place for a day, where would you go?
4) If someone offered to buy you any one thing you wanted, regardless of the price, what would you ask for?
5) If you were turned into an animal for a day, what would you want to be?
6) If you had to change your full name, what would you call yourself?
7) If you could visit a country you've never been to, where would you go?
8) If you could instantly learn a new language, what would it be?
9) Would you rather be a successful movie star, or YouTuber?
10) Describe your dream birthday party- including your party guests, entertainment choices, events, etc.

My Tag List:

Well, I'm about to break rules 4, 5, and 7, because I don't have a list of ten people to tag. I could tag ten friends, but I know most won't care/don't have time to react. But I will leave this open to my general friend/watcher list for people to nab if they know they'd want to tag someone after doing it themselves.

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