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  • :iconmerieth:
    Donated Jul 6, 2014, 3:08:46 PM
Something's been bothering me as of late, enough so that I'm doing a journal on it. The respect fandoms give to celebrities, themselves, and the respect given in return.

Not respecting your celebrity
Fandoms have been lacking in the respect department, and sadly it's mostly in respect for themselves. But first I'll bring up the lack of respect for their celebrities. I'll illustrate this with my first example of the journal (I'm using a real event, but leaving out the celebrity name for the sake of slander. I'm not out to make any celebrity look bad, just addressing the fandoms).

Ex: Celebrity A's career took off when they were young (early teens). From their late teens to their early twenties they were in a party stage. Drugs, Alcohol, the works. But they grew older and mellowed out. It was a fact I, as a fan of this celebrity myself, was proud of. Then this celebrity, just recently, began showing signs of alcohol abuse again. They came to an event in which they were supposed to preform, drunk. Celebrity A couldn't keep themselves sober long enough to do their job.

What was the fandom response? Jokes. Comments of "That's cute" or "That's funny".

Humor me with this thought: What if it was someone you knew personally? Would you not sit them down and have a talk about their issue? Of course, for this person or your celebrity I'm not saying you should hate them, toss them aside, or consider them worthless, but you should try to help them.

Every celebrity has a weakness. Some are issues they struggle with all their lives, some are merely phases. We shouldn't treat these things as part of the act. A celebrity isn't a bad person for falling into these traps, but they shouldn't be rewarded either. Showing any form of support for this kind of behavior is only harmful to everyone involved. 

And don't think simply not joking about it is all you can do. We live in an amazing world of technology. Tweet to them, send a letter or e-mail. If this is done by enough people, the messages will start to impact them. Of course, don't go bashing them for their mess up. Tell them how much you love them and want to support them. Tell them their life is meaningful to you and you don't want to see them hurt. Whatever you think the right words are.

Not respecting yourself

Referring to yourself in a slandered way as compared to your celebrity isn't really fun for anyone.

Example: Calling yourself a celebrity's 'bitch'.

Not only do you insult yourself by practically stating yourself as nothing more than an object owned by someone you don't even know on a personal level, but you insult your celebrity. They don't want you to be their bitch (and if they do... well that's a topic saved for a later day), and they don't find it as cute or funny as you do. They want you to be their fan, and that's it. As much as they appreciate that you enjoy their work; be it singing, acting, drawing, whatever, they don't want you to submit yourself to them. They are not vampires seeking your life force, they're just performers. More often than not if a fandom largely refers to itself in an insulting manner, the celebrity of that fandom will speak out against it. 

Just, call yourself a fan. Obsession's even okay to talk about compared to total submission. Don't drop yourself to a level below human, or raise your idol up to a level above. It just makes things uncomfortable and awkward.

Imagine meeting that person IN person. Would you walk up and introduce yourself as such, "Hello, I'm Neesa, I'm totally your bitch" or would you rather use, "Hello, I'm Neesa, and I'm one of your biggest fans". Side note, you can probably leave out "biggest" fan because, well, even if you are, it's not a contest and most celebrities see that as 'sucking up'. So, just say you like their work, that's always safe.

Celebrities not respecting you

This one's why I wanted to write this journal in the first place. Because of the unbelievable amount of people who think it's simply "okay" to be insulted by your celebrity. It's not. I don't care how general the statement is that a celebrity makes, if you are insulted your level of respect for that person should drop, if not completely disappear.

I recently learned a very popular celebrity is racist towards Americans. That's not okay to me. And it shouldn't be to any other American (for the sake of the rest of this argument I will be using America- feel free to take it out and insert the blanks with your country/people).

This argument, "I hate Americans too." Is not valid. If you live in America (and sometimes even if you don't) your friends and your family are American. You're American And when they insult Americans, they're not just insulting the ones you hate- you're in there too. Firstly, when you say you "Hate Americans" you probably mean that you hate our government, or a faction of our people that do a stupid thing. For example, maybe you're pro choice in marriage, so you hate the people who aren't. You don't hate them as Americans though. Racism is not okay on any level. And so you should never be okay with someone insulting your people.

I'm not an extremely politically correct person, but it's wrong to accuse/insult someone because of a group they fall into. Be it race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Anything. 

I don't care if it's about Race, or Religion, or even the color of your hair. You shouldn't let someone who belittles you for no justifiable reason. I'm not saying you should let someone belittle you ever, but there are better reasons to disagree with someone than this. There are arguable points that a person can maintain respect from. Racism is not one of these points.

If you wanna discuss this more, you know the drill, just leave a comment.


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