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Icons/Simple Desktop Backgrounds
Legend of Zelda: Desktop Background by CristalMomoStar
ALL Commissions are currently closed!

Definition of simple desktop background: One that does not require me to draw out a character.

If you wish for a custom desktop starring a personally crafted picture, see the details for what style of picture you want (Ex: If you want a chibi desktop background, check chibi prices).

An example of my icon work would be my own.
Chibi/Head and Shoulder
Commission: CHIBI Rozabeth + Archer by CristalMomoStar
Commission: CHIBI Allen by CristalMomoStar
Amon skype ID by CristalMomoStar
This price covers up to three characters in one chibi picture.
Head and shoulders come individually.
Colored or black and white is fine.
Majority/Full Body
Commission: Rozabeth by CristalMomoStar
Commission: Allen by CristalMomoStar
Commission: Belladonna by CristalMomoStar
Cost covers up to two characters.
Extra Characters
If you wish to add more characters not covered in the initial charge of your drawing please contact me about pricing.

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I can art?



I don't think I've made an official thing for this yet (I think I've sent a journal around- but this is a little more detailed I think), if I have you'll have to deal with it again. First I'll go through the holidays and their requirements.

Halloween - Wear a costume. If you really don't want to/don't have one, don't worry about it. If you do wear a costume, I recommend bringing a comfortable change of clothes- mostly for temperatures sake (or possibly movement's sake).

Christmas - Again we're going to do "Everyone buy or make something anyone would like". But we'll figured out how everyone wants to distribute the gifts once we're at the party.

For now, all I'll say is: You don't have to spend much on the gift (most of us don't have the money for that anyway).

And no matter how we pass the gifts out, feel free to exchange gifts with someone if they want. It'll be random, so no hard feelings.

And if you don't want to bring a gift, that's fine. Unfortunately that means you can't participate in the exchange, but last year there were quite a few gifts with multiple things in them, so someone's bound to share XD

Thanksgiving - Alright, a little different than last year I would like the following.

1) someone to volunteer as designated drink buyer. I have ice packs and coolers. I'm not going to volunteer myself for anything until I figure out what others want to do though. But whoever wants to be the drink barror can come to me for those things. Also, it will be this person's job to find out what everyone wants to drink and try complying with them ((It's really everyone's job to make sure they're bringing food the majority will eat))

2) Please tell us what you're bringing. I'd rather us not have a bunch of junk food ((as in bakery stuff and chips)) because parties with this crew have a bad habit of ending with someone getting sick. So please inform everyone of what you'd like to bring (Home made or bought) so we can balance things out.

3) Please bring utensils according to the need of your food. If you bring something that requires forks, bring forks. You'd also be wise to look into what other people are bringing (that way if, say, three people need forks, they could pitch in the money for them or something). I'll try to be the one bringing plates- cause that's a given- but I'll let you know if that can't be done.

EASTER - Oooh, what's this Neesa?

This year we were thinking of squeezing Easter into the mix. This would just mean having an easter egg hunt (Or pumpkin hunt, as Ana was so kind to mention there are little easter egg-like pumpkins for around halloween). Basically what we need to know from the crowd is if anyone has eggs to donate. Also, if we could get a bunch of people to buy one bag of candy each, we'd have plenty of goodies (any left overs of which we'll share AFTER the hunt) for the show.

Party favors - Before we really think about this being a serious thing, how many are interested in having party favors? I'll gladly help pick them out/make them if needed, but the cost would not be on me. I bring this up because there've been a couple mentions of it now, so I'd figure I'd ask everyone how they feel

How, when, where, and who-

How: Rides. Please, everyone, hold off on this for a bit. When it gets closer to time and the rest of this (above and below) is sorted out, THEN we can start discussing rides. Of course proper directions to whatever location we choose will be given, and I'm sure there's more than one person willing to do a car pool (I'll try to donate my van again this time around). But, lets just not worry about this right now.

When: Okay you guys, people have work and school. We've got schedules we can't really be sure of so lets say this for now. We will get things sorted out so you can give your work a week or more notice as to exactly when you'd need off (if you're scheduled for that time). Basically, we'll do everything we can to make sure everyone can come but for now:

1) Is there anyone who would have a problem with it being on the weekend? I was thinking Saturday, just because that's usually the most convenient, but I'm entirely willing to work with people here.

2) Are there any days you absolutely CANNOT come. Again, with work and school we know most people will say "I think I can make it if I get notice" So after we work a few things out I'll try to cough up some exact date ideas, for now I just need to know what absolutely will not work.

Where: Okay guys, do not question me on this, do not try helping me with this. This is going to be a big one this year and the 'who' section will help explain that. I'm going to try finding an actual venue to host this party. I have one in mind that's plenty big enough, and serves as a good middle ground for most members. I'm not confirmed yet, I'm looking in the Markle, Huntington area. Some people are from way out of town (out of state even), but we're going to do what we can to get everyone here this time.

Getting an actual venue is going to mean everyone chipping in a bit of money, but if we get the turnout I'm hopping for, each person will only have to pitch in about five dollars. Please don't freak out if you don't have the money, someone will cover you if need be.

Who: This will make the 'where' sound even better.

I. Want. Everyone.

Alright, everyone from last year, everyone that was suppose to be there last year that couldn't make it, and more. If you've got a friend/lover/roommate, whatever, that you think is Nerd Herd material. BRING THEM. I've got college friends coming with hopefully their high school friends. This really is a friends of friends party, because I trust all of you to bring good bitches. Give said people this journal, so they know all the rules (the rules do apply to them to).

And remember, the more people that promise to show, the more people that can car pool/donate money to the cause so you don't have to XD (which is my vague way of saying COME ONE, COME ALL)

Final notes -

NO ALCOHOL (Or drugs, but that's not really the issue I'm worried would come up here). We have minors, and though I think most of us have had a sip or two in our lives already, most importantly we have designated drivers. I'd rather people not get arrested, or in crashes that night. I know people who are designated drivers would be responsible with their drinks, but that's not really fair to them/again there are minors, so lets not deal with cops.

MUSIC/OTHER ENTERTAINMENT - We'll have access to electricity etc. of course, so if someone wants to bring their laptop (I cannot this year) or some other form of music player, fantastic.

Any further questions or comments can be given via private messages or comments here on DA. I think I've covered about everything, please get back to me ASAP with your answers, and the answers of your friends etc.

I'm looking forward to all this guys~


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