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Just popped in? Part 1:  Super Smash Bros Wii U(3DS) likes/dislikes part 1I’ll start with a warning, there are a lot more dislikes than likes.
I’ve had this game since Christmas, so I finally think it’s time for me to properly sort out my thoughts. I think I’ve had enough time to tear through most milestones of the game worth mentioning, and can give some honest feedback. This journal is opinion based, but I’m going to attempt to keep it very factual and not rage around.
The short version of what you’re about to read is that I was very disappointed in the game. You’re going to see a lot of reasons why soon, but I’ll go ahead and start with things I do like about the game (Because there are a lot less).
Mii Fighters:
This is a fantastic idea all the way around. Now, not only can my friends and I really say we battled each other, if we wanted to we could make virtually anybody battle. If you look up Miis on Google you’ll find thousands of attempts at making those adorable little avatars look like absolutely

Eight Player Fighting:

“Holy crap, you’re telling me eight people can play!?” When I first heard it, I couldn’t believe it. I was excited- and so was everyone else. I can’t describe the joy I felt, hearing how excited people were about an eight person face-to-face fight. Too long I’ve been surrounded by discussions of battles fought over headsets and through computer screens. Nothing against these games (I enjoy them all the same), but I always think back to my childhood when finding out you could plug in four controllers was the most amazing gaming technology. Being able to sit in a room with friends and play.

So of course I was excited for eight player battles. And, I still kind of like them, but there’s on major problem. It’s hard to see. Since I’m a casual gamer, and don’t fight in any sort of serious tourney style, it’s fine- and funny- to have a bit of trouble determining which character I am, but if me and my friends want to have our own version of a serious battle, we still have to take turns.

This isn’t something I’m upset about, but it’s something I wanted to bring up for those that are curious. For those that haven’t seen a large battle conspire. Is there a way to change this and make it better? Yes, though any method I’ve though of myself would require a lot of effort, coding, and all around changing of everything we know to be SSB (that’s right, I’m thinking 3D maps). So I’m not saying anything needs to be done on Nintendo’s part yet, but if we as SSB fans could join together to become one large think tank on the issue, we might be able to come up with a reasonable solution.

Okay, I’ve been beating around the bush long enough. It’s time to get to the root of the problems here. Because after all, when it gets down to it, SSB is all about one thing….

The Roster:

Disclaimer: My feelings towards any character as a fighter does not reflect my feelings towards them in their own game. Each is precious to me in their own way, so I’m in no way attempting to pin down fandoms or otherwise target particular franchises.

Let me start by explaining my thoughts and feelings on DLC. When the new SB was announced, there were whispers of the idea of DLC- before we even knew who the first few characters were. It was something people were really interested in seeing. I myself would have liked to see some DLC. But I can also understand Nintendo denying the use of DLC in this game, because it could create issues with them expanding onto a whole new game (why create a new one when you can just update the old?). As game information was released, I could see pros and cons for DLC all over.

My final thought, now that the game is released and has been in my hands for some time, DLC needs to happen. But it’s not going to happen, as Nintendo has already announced (Aside from Mewtwo). I brought this up because some of my issues with the roster wouldn’t be so big if I knew there was more content around the corner. But there isn’t, so I’m going to start. This category in itself has good and bad, so I’ll be jumping around a bit. Please bare with me (if you’ve made it this far).

Lets give them the same character 5 times - It’s always been a joke/discussion among fans about how much each sword wielding character is the same. Fire Emblem Characters and Link in particular have a lot of similarities. But this game crossed over from being a debate, to being a disaster. Thanks to character customization, each fighter can be as unique as you want them to be, so this shouldn’t be an issue right? I wish it were.

Lets start with the obvious, the elephant in the room if you will, Pit and Pitto. This would be like placing Link and Dark Link in the roster as two separate characters. Pitto is Pit. In their game (Spoilers) Pitto is created when Pit’s reflection is cast too long in Pandora’s mirror. Pitto is Pit’s dark side, just like Dark Link. Also Dr. Mario is back, who can be squeezed right in with Dark Pit.

Next up we have our Fire Emblem Characters. Marth and Ike are return characters, so to them I say; welcome back! But lets meet our new entries. First up, Robin. Robin’s a fantastic addition thanks to his/her original fighting style. Magic and swordsmanship (and I love that the tome runs out, thank you FE logic). Then there’s Lucina.

For those that don’t play Fire Emblem, let me give a bit of back story. (Spoilers again) Lucina comes from the future to stop terrible things from happening. She comes in the guise of Marth. Yep. Marth. That was a quick back story moment. But yes, Lucina- in her game- pretends to be Marth. Because he’s a great hero, which is something she wants to be. She wants to save everyone. But would it not stand to reason that a girl trying to pretend to be Marth would look, act, and Fight a lot like him? It would, and she does. So, though Lucina is a nice character- and way to go adding another woman (girl power and what not *lazy fist pump*)- for the sake of SSB, she’s just a female Marth (but… isn’t Marth the female Marth?).

Emphasis is really put on how bad these repeat characters are, when we look at the things done right:

Koopa Kids and more - When I first found out all of the Koopa children were taking up the roster, I was upset. But then I found out that they’re only one fighter with a bunch of different skins: How cool! That was the roster done right. That’s like changing Peach into Daisy, or Pit into-- oh, wait…

Anyway. Not only this, but they gave Link a Oni (Fierce Deity) skin. In the game of his appearance (Majora’s Mask, I hope you all know by now), Oni Link is a different fighter than Link. It’s like having Young Link and Link on a the roster, or Link and Toon Link. Yes, they’re all Link, but even in their own games they have their own abilities and tools that make them different. Acceptable as different fighters (now, it would be awesome if we could do with Link what we did with the koopa kids. Line up TP, OoT, SS, et. But I‘m not going to complain). And if Link can have Oni Link as a skin, why can’t Mario have Dr. Mario as a skin?

Gender swapping characters. Need I say more? This was one of the cool things about the new Roster, and one of the reasons why Robin, despite being “another Fire Emblem character” as some complain about (not myself, there are only four), has proven to be a fairly unique character. Though we do get the option of changing the Wii fit trainer’s gender- just another customization option at your leisure.

Time to separate the boys from the men - Super smash brothers has always had a variety of character types. From art style to fighting moves, there’s a large gap between Ike and Kirby Palutena and Yoshi, or Link and the Ice Climbers. And every smasher out there has their favorite CPU punching bag (for me it’s good ol Captain Falcon). But a line must be drawn between serious fighters, and adorable side shows.

That’s right, Duck Hunt Dog, I’m looking at you. And Pac-Man too. Allow me to explain why these are the ones that stick out the most to me. For this, we’re going to draw an invisible line between two categories of fighters. Legitimate fighter, or strong Nintendo icon. Some characters fall under both, but in order to make it good on my roster list, you must meet at least one.

Our new recruits include Palutena (fighter), Mega man (fighter AND icon), Villager (icon), Rosalina (kinda a fighter, and a fairly strong icon makes for a total of 1 point), Wii fit trainer (not strong enough to be an icon, but he/she is surprisingly an amazing fighter), Robin and Lucina (Fighters), Koopa Kids (collectively they get icon status for sure, and are semi good fighters), Pitto (fighter, of course), any Pokemon ever is a fighter, Little Mac (fighter and icon for older generations), and Shulk (fighter *and slowly turning into my 2nd favorite punching bag*).

That leaves two.

Pac Man, and the Duck Hunt Dog (known in this game only as Duck Hunt). Pac Man is an undeniable icon, but not a Nintendo icon. Duck Hunt is like Little Mac, where in he’s an icon, but only truly understood by older generations (those of us in our early 20’s being about the cusp that really remember him). But neither of these characters are good fighters whatsoever.

Their hype relies solely on the hilarity of their appearance in the game. But to look at them in any sort of serious measure, they’re horrible choices for main roster characters. Their appearance as an assist trophy would be acceptable, and praised by even myself. If DLC were available, I’d be okay with their initiation into the roster (be them on the game, or available through DLC).

Of all the issues with the roster, this is the smallest one. But all and all, even with my acceptance of the majority, I felt these new additions were a bit weak. Characters like Little Mac are under appreciated, and characters like Shulk are hardly even known. If I were given the power to fix all but one thing I saw wrong with the roster, I’d leave Pac-Man and Duck Hunt alone, but with all the issues stated above, there’s a lot to be upset about.

One final irritation

This irritation comes from me being a fan of Nintendo. Not a fan of Mario, Link, Pikachu, or Kirby. But being a fan of the men behind them. Being a fan of the company that allows me to play their games.

For those who only look skin deep into their games, you may not have known this, but the Wii U was banking on the new smash brothers. The system, up to that point, was considered a commercial failure. But SSB is a big game for Nintendo. A lot of people who don’t purchase many other Nintendo games often get that one (it’s like the poke-gamers who just buy Pokemon). They were looking forward to people purchasing the system to play the game.

But what do they do? Release it for the 3DS first. Now, I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about why one game is better than another. I don’t own the 3DS version myself, because (spoilers) They’re the same. Game. ((Sorry, that’s my major irritation with the fan base right now)). I’m not talking about the idea of one game being better than the other. But if you’re depending on good sales of one, why not release it first? Many people bought the 3DS version and not the Wii U version. They simply didn’t have the money. I specifically asked for the Wii U version because, well, not many good games were released for the Wii U and I needed something nice to put on my game shelf (Joke’s on me it seems). It was risky in the first place to expect people to buy a system over one game, but to release the same game on a system most people do already own ruined half the chances they had. ((Believe me, I have many rants about 3DS vs. Wii U, and why Nintendo’s marketing choices have become nearly impossible to defend)).

I’d consider this game a large failure. Of course, it’s no secret that Mr. Sakurai wants to end the series, and it’s sad to see the series go, but even sadder to think that it might end on this note.

Thoughts, feelings, suggestions, comment below.


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