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Icons/Simple Desktop Backgrounds
Legend of Zelda: Desktop Background by CristalMomoStar
ALL Commissions are currently closed!

Definition of simple desktop background: One that does not require me to draw out a character.

If you wish for a custom desktop starring a personally crafted picture, see the details for what style of picture you want (Ex: If you want a chibi desktop background, check chibi prices).

An example of my icon work would be my own.
Chibi/Head and Shoulder
Commission: CHIBI Rozabeth + Archer by CristalMomoStar
Commission: CHIBI Allen by CristalMomoStar
Amon skype ID by CristalMomoStar
This price covers up to three characters in one chibi picture.
Head and shoulders come individually.
Colored or black and white is fine.
Majority/Full Body
Commission: Rozabeth by CristalMomoStar
Commission: Allen by CristalMomoStar
Commission: Belladonna by CristalMomoStar
Cost covers up to two characters.
Extra Characters
If you wish to add more characters not covered in the initial charge of your drawing please contact me about pricing.

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  • :iconmerieth:
    Donated Jul 6, 2014, 3:08:46 PM
Those of you that know me may know I have a bad habit of calling everything “my favorite”. I can say “Person A, you’re my favorite” and not two minutes later repeat the phrase to person B. Many a time I’ve been asked how this is possible. How can I have more than one favorite in the same category?

Well, we’ve finally figured it out. By we, I mean myself and Courtney. We were about to go to bed last night when she had a realization. Since I’ve been on a Dramatical Murder kick, she started her explanation using the characters from that game ((I‘m not going to list the characters, but if you know DmmD you can try guessing)).

She said there were different categories, named and defined somewhat like the categories in T.V. troops and idioms, and some characters even fit more than one. Then she started to give me examples. I’ll write those down, then give a few further ones I came up with while typing this. Mind you I can’t write down every category, but if you’ve got a trait that you want to know what category it goes under, just ask. Keep in mind some categories can apply to real life people, while others are specifically used to identify fictional people or things.

“Feisty Damsel” - This person is always in trouble, but bless their heart they try. They may always be the one to get captured, hurt, sick, or some other form of down, but they’re going down kicking and screaming the whole way. It may even pay off on rare occasions- or at least help them hold out until help arrives.

“The Usual Suspect” - This title belongs to the type of character I ALWAYS love. No exceptions. They have traits that are somewhat hard to properly explain, but undeniable once you see them in someone. This character is loving to a fault (includes traits protectiveness and loyalty). They have some quark about them that makes it hard for others to take them seriously (they’re a klutz, say ‘stupid’ things, look too cute, etc.), but from an outsiders view you can see the usefulness in them from the get go (and you sit there and think ‘guys, seriously, they‘re worth something, stop it‘). But by the end of the story they really prove themselves to everyone and often completely shed themselves of their quarks to become a more bad ass person.

“0 Fucks to Give” - when a person says or does something due to their lack of fucks given. This person can have 0 fucks all the time, or it can be a random outburst from them when they’ve finally had enough. But that kind of cool attitude always helps rank favorites.

“Clad in Green” - I like characters that wear green ((even though blue is technically my //favorite// color)). I wonder where that came from?

“Bad Ass Little Bitch” - The character that at first glance wouldn’t scare a fly, but then something happens to make them want to fuck your shit up (physically or mentally), and so you quickly learn to stay out of their way.

“Tall Dark and Hard Ass” - Contrary to “Bad Ass Little Bitch” this character intimidates you just by being in the room. And it’s no fake intimidation either, they’ve earned it- and if just seeing them doesn’t scare you then something they do or say surely will.

“Too Cute to Cuddle” - That person or thing that you know would die in the death grip you would surely be giving it as a hug.

“Stupidity takes a form” - When someone says or does something (90% involuntary) that is just so stupid it throws you for a loop (and likely into an uncontrollable laughing fit every time it’s brought up).

“I Know Those Feels” - When someone can relate to me about anything that I have emotional attachment to (a song, person, show, etc.). The favoritism increases the more abstract said thing is (for example, sharing my feels about Harry Potter isn’t as big of a shock as sharing my feels about Daniel X).

*sigh* last night I felt like I had more, but my lack of sleep is making it hard for me to think about this, so I guess I’m done for now. I might make a better list later (I also may just come back and add things to this as I think of them).

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I have premium so I can do this now.
Stamp: KH:3D - Silly Sora by SoraHikarii
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I would expect nothing less XD

Someday I'll have a premium- then my page will like nice and spiffy.
OcarinaLink24 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is not abuse, this was the intended use for premium right there. There is no better way to use it.
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wait... what? I didn't call it abuse XD I'm not complaining. I just said I want the page decoraty abilities. OuO
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CrazySpecialMe Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student General Artist

 Starting date if August 15, completed by September 7. Please let me know asap and the book you want! 
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